Best Way To Remove Facial Hair For Women For Permanent Or Temporary Results

Best Way To Remove Facial Hair For Women For Permanent Or Temporary Results

Face it, us women all have some peach fuzz, be it on our upper lip, chin, jawline or elsewhere, we all have tiny, superfine hairs that for some can be downright annoying and embarrassing. But what’s the best way to remove facial hair for women I hear you say? Well, that all depends on your hair type, preferences and specific needs. Are you short of time and want a way to permanently remove your facial hair? Do you have a lot of facial hair that it’s becoming a serious problem? If you have a lot of facial hair it could be down to genetics or a possible hormone imbalance so it would be wise to get it checked out by a doctor before undergoing any facial hair removal treatment. Otherwise here’s our recommendations for the best permanent and temporary method of getting rid of facial hair.


If you’re looking for a permanent end to your facial hair, then electrolysis is the most effective method and can be used for women of all skin and hair types unlike laser and IPL which target the pigment in hairs to remove them. Although costly and time-consuming, electrolysis will produce the best results but if your skin and hair type allows you to use laser or IPL, then these methods could be used as a slightly cheaper alternative for permanently reducing facial hair and there are also a lot of good laser and IPL home kits which you could use.


Most likely you’ve used tweezers to remove your facial hair before and although tweezing is an effective way of getting rid of facial hair as well as causing little irritation, it can be quite time-consuming if you have a lot of facial hair to remove. Therefore we’d recommend threading over tweezing as it is similar as it pulls hairs out together with the entire hair follicle from the root but threading is a lot quicker and can cover areas much faster than tweezing. It also causes little irritation to the skin and results last as long as tweezing does – up to 6 weeks. We’d also recommend threading over waxing as although results are also similar, waxing is more likely to irritate the skin and requires some regrowth between waxing sessions unlike threading which can target even very short hairs.

Have you tried either of these methods to get rid of your facial hair? Let us know how you got along by leaving us a comment below or if you’d like to share your own preferred method of facial hair removal. We’d love to hear from you!

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