Brazilian Wax: What To Expect If It’s Your First Time

Brazilian Wax: What To Expect If It's Your First Time

Thinking of getting your first Brazilian wax? Don’t know what to expect? Well fret not as we’re here to give you the lowdown on exactly what to expect if it’s your first time getting one.


Yes you’ve probably heard this from everyone, it’s gonna hurt like a mother#$@%*!! Well of course ripping out hairs with hot wax from any part of the body is going to be painful let alone from your most sensitive area but it’s really not as bad as you think and there’s even things that you can do to help ease some of the pain (check out our Brazilian Waxing Tips).

Be Prepared to Bare All

So you’re at your appointment and have done all your research and found a reputable salon. Now’s not the time to be shy as you’ll have to strip from the waist down infront of a complete stranger which can be a little intimidating but rest assured she will have seen hundreds if not thousands of v-jay-jays so she won’t even bat an eyelid at yours. Think of it as going to see your gynecologist – it’s not really that scary is it?

It’s Going to Get Damn Right Awkward

After deciding whether you’re going to get a triangle, landing strip or remove the whole shebang, your esthetician will get you to move into several positions whilst she gets up close, stares at and touches your privates. She’ll start off with the front area, move on to the labia and then finally the area between your buttocks. And don’t worry, there’ll be no getting on all fours, most likely you’ll be asked to roll over onto your stomach and spread your butt cheeks which may be just a tad more dignified. You’ll probably barely feel a thing too as it’s a lot less painful to have hair removed from the back than it is from the front. If there are any stray hairs remaining, your esthetician will most likely tweeze them away.

All Done!

There you go, you’ll be hair free now for a couple of weeks without the hassle of having to shave down there every day. It may hurt for a day or so afterwards but it’ll all be worth it as you’ll feel confident and sexy in anything you wear and it really wasn’t that traumatic, was it?

Got your first Brazilian wax done? Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below or if you’re a seasoned waxer, do you have any interesting or funny stories?

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