How To Remove Wax After Waxing

How To Remove Wax After Waxing

Waxing is a popular method of hair removal as the results are long lasting and it works well for all areas of the body and face. If you choose to wax at home, you may find that after waxing off the hair you’re left with a sticky wax residue which you may find even harder to get rid of than the hair! But fret not, there are a few quick and simple methods that you can use to easily remove wax from skin after waxing.

If Your Wax Is Water Based

Some hair removal waxes are water/sugar based so any remaining wax can be easily washed off with warm water and soap.

If Your Wax Is Made from Resins

Most waxes are made from resins which is an oil based product so warm water and soap is not going to get rid of it although the warm water may help to soften the wax a little. A lot of home waxing kits come with after wax wipes which you can use to remove the remaining wax but if you don’t have these or have run out then there’s a few things you can use instead to remove wax from skin after waxing.

Use Oil to Remove the Wax

Any type of oil can be used to remove wax after waxing so you can use common oils found around the home such as olive oil, coconut oil and baby oil as well as oil-based lotions and petroleum jelly. Oil helps to dissolve the wax and also seeps under the edge of the wax which helps it come off the skin. This method is also very gentle and helps to nourish and soften the skin. To use the oil, soak a cotton ball or pad with it and blot the wax residue until it is saturated with oil. Leave the oil to soak in for a minute and then use the cotton ball or pad to wipe off the wax. If you’re having difficulty removing the wax, apply more oil or it can help to warm the bottle of oil in a sink full of warm water before using it, to help soften the wax.

Use Used Wax

After waxing, the used wax can be rolled into a ball whilst still warm (if using stripless waxing) or the used wax strips (if using strip waxing) can be pressed on the wax residue to remove it from the skin.

Get a Commercial Wax Remover

Commercial wax removers are formulated to gently remove wax from skin after waxing and a lot of them are enriched with skin softeners to moisturize and soothe the skin as they clean too.

What methods have you found work best at removing wax after waxing? We’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations, just drop us a comment below!


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