HPL Hair Removal: What Is It?

What Is HPL Hair Removal

What Is It?

You’ve probably already heard of Laser and IPL hair removal and may be wondering what HPL hair removal is. HPL stands for Home Pulsed Light and is derived from IPL technology but it uses lower energy levels so it’s the safest technology for use in the home to achieve permanent reduction of hair.

It works in the same way as IPL where pulses of light are used to target hairs at the growing stage of the lifecycle and the light is absorbed by the pigment in the hairs which turns to heat and therefore kills the hair growing cells in the hair follicle. Like laser and IPL, several sessions are needed in order to target all the hairs and it works best for people who have dark hair and fair skin.

HPL hair removal uses a very fast pulse duration compared to IPL and laser so this helps to prevent any damage to the surrounding skin during treatments.


HPL kits (see here for our recommendations) are generally cheaper than buying an IPL or laser home kit and definitely much more affordable than getting IPL or laser treatments done in a professional clinic. It is quite an effective way of permanently reducing hair and can be used on all areas of the face and body. It is safer to use at home than IPL or laser as it uses much less energy with high peak power and the pulse duration is very short.


IPL doesn’t work for people with white, grey, blonde or red hair and naturally dark or tanned skin. It can be painful but generally most find it less painful than IPL or laser.

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