Laser vs Electrolysis Hair Removal – Which Is Better?

Laser vs Electrolysis Hair Removal - Which Is Better?

If you’re looking for a permanent method of hair removal, then laser and electrolysis are the two best methods of permanently reducing hair that you should be considering. But which is better? We’ve compiled a table below so that you can compare the pros and cons of laser vs electrolysis hair removal to find the best method for you.

Highly effective method of permanently reducing hair which leads to an average of around 80% of hair that has been treated using lasers being permanently removed.Recognized as the only medically approved form of permanent hair removal and can lead to permanence more than 90 percent of the time. It produces the best results, more than any other method of permanently reducing hair.
Usually works best for darker hair and lighter skin tones.Can be used on all hair and skin types.
Can be used for all areas of the face and body.Can be used for all areas of the face and body.
Several laser sessions (usually 4-8) are needed to target all the hairs with gaps of around 4 to 8 weeks between each treatment.Very time consuming as electrolysis takes a lot longer than laser since each hair has to be treated individually. Multiple sessions (anywhere from 15 – 30 sessions) are also needed for each area.
Can be painful and is described as being similar to being flicked at with a rubber band. Discomfort could also be felt on the skin from the heat from the laser.Can be painful and may feel like a slight pricking or tingling sensation with some mild warming or heat.
After treatments there may be some swelling or redness and there’s also a chance of burning, scarring and discoloration from the laser.Slight reddening of the skin and a little swelling after treatments may occur as well as there may be some tiny pinprick scabs. There could also be discoloration of the skin and scarring but this is rare and usually only happens if the treatment is improperly done.
If done by a professional, laser sessions can be expensive but you could opt to do it yourself using an affordable home laser kit.A qualified electrologist is needed to perform the treatments and as multiple lengthy sessions are needed, the cost of electrolysis is more expensive than laser.

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