Nose Hair Removal For Women – How To Get Rid Of Those Unsightly Nose Hairs


Yes it’s not just men that have problems with long hairs sprouting out of their nose, a lot of women have to deal with this embarrassing problem at some point in time too! Everyone has nose hairs and as we get older, they may get longer and there may be more of it due to hormonal changes in the body but fortunately there are ways that we can get rid of this unsightly problem.

What’s the Purpose of Nose Hairs?

Nose hairs are there to protect our nasal passages and lungs by filtering dust and germs when we breathe. They also trap moisture and help to balance the humidity in our nasal passages to keep them lubricated and healthy. So if you completely get rid of your nose hairs you’re more likely to suffer from allergies and potentially damage the delicate membranes in your nose and cause inflammation in the process. Therefore it’s probably not a good idea to use electrolysis, laser or IPL to completely and permanently eliminate the hairs or to pluck or wax them either since this can cause a lot of irritation and possibly lead to infection as well as being extremely painful!


The best and safest way to get rid of those unsightly nose hairs, not to mention pain-free, is to trim them. We’d suggest using an electric nose hair trimmer (see our recommendations here) if you have one as it’s a quick and efficient way of trimming the hairs but a scissors will work well too (see our recommendations here). Just make sure you sterilize whichever you choose to use with rubbing alcohol before and after use and try to trim in a well-lit room in front of a magnifying mirror so that you don’t have any accidents.

What do you use to get rid of your nose hairs? Leave a comment below to let us know or if you have any questions!

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