Single-Blade Razor vs Multi-Blade Razor – Which Is Better?

Single-Blade Razor vs Multi-Blade Razor

Single-Blade Razor vs Multi-Blade Razor

Do more blades mean a better shave? Nowadays it seems that multi-blade razors are all the rage with razor manufacturers trying to pack in as many blades as possible with promises of a smoother and closer shave. But do multi-blade razors really deliver on these promises? Well that really depends on your skin and hair type.

Which Razor Is Suitable for You?

It’s definitely true that a multi-blade razor can give a much closer shave as multiple blades means that for every stroke of the razor, several blades will pass over your skin each time making sure that no hairs are missed. It works by having a blunt blade to lift the hair, followed by a blade that will cut the hair and after that the other blades will make sure that nothing is missed. However, the more blades there are, there’s an increased risk of itching, razor burn, red bumps, nicks and cuts. Also multi-blade razors, especially ones that have five or more blades, could cut hair down to just below the surface of the skin which can lead to ingrown hairs particular for women that have curly hair. Therefore if you have sensitive skin and are more prone to skin irritation or have curly hair then we’d recommend using a single-blade razor or three-blade razor if you want a closer shave. However try to avoid using cheap single-blade disposable razors for everyday use as they are more likely to drag against the skin. You’re better off spending a little bit more on a razor that has spring-mounted blades with a pivoting head as it is less likely to cause cuts and nicks (check out our shaver recommendations here).

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