Sugaring Hair Removal Tips

Sugaring Hair Removal Tips

Sugaring hair removal is a great, natural way of getting rid of unwanted hairs and if you’re a first time user of this technique then there are some tips and tricks that are good to know before trying it out.

Sugaring Hair Removal Tips Before Treatment

  • Hairs need to be at least 1/8 inch in length so that the sugaring paste is able to bind to them so grow your hair for around a week beforehand. Hairs longer than 1/4 inch should be trimmed though to prevent unnecessary pain during treatments.
  • Try to avoid going out in the sun or using a sunbed the day before your treatment as the UV rays can make your skin more sensitive and therefore more susceptible to pain and irritation.
  • Avoid sugaring during that time of the month as skin sensitivity is heightened.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or coffee before treatments too as this can also increase skin sensitivity.
  • Although most women find sugaring hair removal to be generally pain-free, if you have a low pain tolerance you could take an anti-inflammatory painkiller such as ibuprofen around an hour before your appointment. This will also help speed up recovery too.
  • Although unlikely, if you have sensitive skin, sugaring can result in skin irritation. However taking an anti-histamine beforehand can sometimes prevent this.
  • Make sure that your skin is clean and free from sweat before your treatment as this results in┬áhealthy follicles and less chance of in-grown hairs as sweat and bacteria can cause irritation to the skin. It’s also best not to apply any creams, lotions or deodorants on your skin beforehand too as this can make sugaring less effective.

Sugaring Hair Removal Tips During Treatment

  • If you’re doing the sugaring yourself to remove your hairs, try to do it in a cool room as the sugaring paste can get quite sticky and harder to use in a warm, humid room.
  • If the sugaring paste is too hard try adding a tablespoon of water to it, microwave it for 10 seconds and stir it. Keep repeating this process until the mixture becomes of the desired consistency. Be careful not to overheat the sugaring paste as it may get too sticky to use.
  • Whether using the traditional technique of sugaring or using strips, make sure you pull sharply and in the direction of hair growth. When pulling, simultaneously hold down the the skin with your other hand and don’t pull the strip up or to the side.
  • If you have sensitive skin and are prone to skin irritation and swelling, try to avoid lifting or patting motions when sugaring.

Sugaring Hair Removal Tips After Treatment

  • After sugaring, use a gel or lotion that contains aloe vera to help soothe the area afterwards. Alternatively you could use a moisturizer or baby oil but avoid using ones that have a strong scent as these will probably contain alcohol which can irritate the skin.
  • Avoid sun exposure, the sauna and exfoliation for at least 24 hours after sugaring as your skin will be more sensitive during this time and is more prone to irritation and damage.
  • Once you’ve chosen to use sugaring for hair removal, try to stop using other methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, depilatories, tweezing, etc. between sugaring appointments as this can slow the process and benefits of sugaring.

For more information on sugaring hair removal see here as well as check out our homemade sugaring paste recipe and recommendations for pre-made sugaring pastes.

Hope you’ve found our sugaring hair removal tips useful, please feel free to share some of your own tips or if you have any questions, by leaving a comment below!

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