Sugaring versus Waxing Hair Removal – Which Is Better?

Sugaring Versus Waxing Hair Removal

Sugaring also known as sugar waxing is similar to traditional waxing in that they are both hair removal methods that use a substance, either sugaring paste or wax, to pull hairs out directly from the roots. However there are a lot of differences between the two methods that you may want to consider before choosing which is the best hair removal method for you.

Sugaring versus Waxing Hair Removal

Sugaring paste does not stick to skin and only adheres to the hairs pulling them out from the roots. Therefore sugaring is gentler and less painful than waxing.Wax adheres to your skin and pulls both your skin and hairs which is painful and can cause redness and irritation.
The sugaring paste is used at room temperature or at a lukewarm temperature, therefore it won’t burn your skin. The wax is hot and therefore can potentially blister and burn your skin.
Hairs are removed in the direction of growth making it less traumatic for the hair follicles. Sugaring doesn’t cause in-grown hairs and can sometimes even correct them.Hairs are pulled in the opposite direction of growth which is more painful and can cause irritation, red bumps, hair breakage and ingrown hairs.
Sugaring is faster than waxing as large amounts of hair can be taken out at once. The sugaring paste can be applied to a very large area without drying out even if you take it off in smaller sections.Waxing is a slower process as you have to apply the wax to a limited area, remove it and then repeat the process several times.
Sugaring paste is easy to clean up as it is water soluble so any residue left on the skin can be washed away with water.Wax is harder to get rid of after waxing and usually requires using oil or a commercial wax remover so as not to irritate the skin.
Is expensive if done by a professional and it may be hard to find one as it requires high technical ability and is not as commonly found as waxing. If you're able to do it yourself it’s cheap to make your own sugaring paste although it can be hard to get the correct consistency but there are also affordable home kits available. Waxing can also be expensive if done by an aesthetician although there are a lot of good and affordable home waxing kits available too.
Sugaring requires around 1-2 weeks of hair growth as the hairs need to be 1/8 inch in length so that the sugaring paste is able to bind to the hairs.Waxing requires around 1/4 inch of hair growth which takes around 3-4 weeks between treatments.
Sugaring paste is completely natural with no chemicals or resins which is great for sensitive skin.Wax is full of resins.
Sugaring is more hygienic than waxing as when sugaring, a sugar ball is applied by a gloved hand to the area and the same ball is repeatedly manipulated and used to remove the hairs from the entire area so there is never any “double dipping” into the sugaring paste jar and therefore no risk of contamination. Bacteria also cannot grow or survive in sugar.With waxing there is a risk of contamination of the wax pot as spatulas are repeatedly dipped into the wax pot where bacteria can easily breed.
The results of sugaring last longer than waxing.Waxing doesn't last as long as sugaring. It typically lasts around 3-6 weeks although you may see regrowth of some hairs sooner than that due to them being on a different growth cycle.
Can lead to permanent reduction of hair growth.Can lead to permanent reduction of hair growth.
It is suitable for removing coarse, stubborn hairs as well as fine hairs all over the body and face and it is so gentle that you can use it over an area that has just been sugared to catch any missed hairs.Waxing works well for all areas of the body including the legs, bikini area and face.

So as you can see there are so many reasons why sugaring is a whole lot better than waxing, we can’t understand why anyone would go for waxing?

Any questions? Feel free to drop us a comment below! Or if you’ve used both sugaring and waxing before, we’d love to hear about it!


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