Threading Hair Removal

How It Works

Threading is a method of removing hair that is common in Asia and the Middle East and has recently become more popular around the world especially for shaping eyebrows. It works by using a cotton thread which is formed into a loop, then twisted and this is used to glide across the surface of the skin pulling the hairs out with it together with the hair follicles. This technique allows a single line of hair to be taken out at a time and hairs are threaded in the opposite direction from which your hair grows.


Threading allows you to remove hair with extreme control and precision which is why it is a very popular method for eyebrow shaping. It gets rid of stubborn thick hairs and even the finest hairs with ease and hair can also be threaded when it’s very short. It removes every single hair by its root leaving a clean finish and effectively prevents ingrown hairs.

It is a quick method of hair removal and lasts up to around 6 weeks. Hair grows back finer than before and can eventually stop growing altogether if the follicle gets damaged from continuous threading.

It is inexpensive to get it done by a professional and even cheaper if you are able to do it yourself as all you need is some cotton thread.

Threading is extremely safe and hygienic as nothing but the thread touches the skin and a brand new piece of thread is used each time. It is gentle on the skin and is unlikely to irritate it therefore making it suitable for all skin types.


Threading can be painful as several hairs are removed at once (it’s like tweezing multiple hairs in one go). Some people get uncontrollable side effects such as watery eyes and sneezing too.

It’s not a good method for removing hair from large areas of the body as there’s too much to remove and can take a long time.