Threading Vs Waxing Eyebrows – Which Is Best?

Threading Eyebrows Vs Waxing

Well-groomed, defined eyebrows can frame and lift your features as well as make you look years younger and whilst we used to groom them with a pair of tweezers that didn’t always give the best results – yes we’ve all had times when we’ve accidentally over-plucked – nowadays other methods such as threading and waxing are more popular. Threading vs waxing eyebrows is a popular debate as there are pros and cons for each technique so which one will give you the best result?


Waxing works by applying hot wax to the unwanted brow hairs and a cloth or paper strip is applied on top of it and ripped off taking the wax and hairs with it. Results last for up to 6 weeks depending on hair growth.

The benefit of waxing eyebrows is that it is a quick method of getting rid of the hairs as several can be removed in one go leaving you with a sharp, clean finish. However waxing can cause damage, redness and irritation to the skin and the wax could cause an allergic reaction. It can also cause premature wrinkles over time due to continuous tugging and pulling of the skin around the eyes.


Threading eyebrows is common in Asia and the Middle East and it works by using a cotton thread which is formed into a loop, then twisted and this is used to glide across the surface of the skin pulling the hairs out with it together with the hair follicles. Like waxing, results last for up to 6 weeks depending on hair growth.

The threading technique allows a single line of hair to be taken out at a time giving sharper eyebrow form and definition than waxing. It is gentle on the skin as nothing but the thread touches the skin and it is unlikely to irritate it therefore making threading suitable for all skin types. It will also grab even the shortest hairs that you are likely to miss with waxing.


So what is the outcome of the big threading vs waxing eyebrows debate? It’s really up to your personal preference as there are some that swear by threading and others that would not give up their routine wax treatments.

Some say waxing is less painful than threading as all the hairs are ripped out in one go unlike threading where they are individually plucked in a line although there are others that find threading more comfortable as threading lifts the hairs from the very base, therefore minimizing pain and is said to feel like plucking several hairs at a time.

Both methods are reasonably quick as waxing removes a lot of hairs in one go whereas with threading although you’re only removing hairs line by line, you don’t have to wait for any wax to cool and harden. Threading and waxing treatments done professionally are also relatively cheap and even cheaper if you’re able to do it yourself.

Threading allows for greater precision than waxing, requires less regrowth and is better for sensitive skin however threading does not require a license in order to practice, meaning that you may be getting your eyebrows threaded by someone who is not fully trained and may be doing it incorrectly and at the end of the day whichever technique you choose to use, it comes down to the skill of the person shaping them.

Which method do you prefer to use for your eyebrows – threading or waxing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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