What Is VPL Hair Removal?

What Is VPL Hair Removal

What Is VPL Hair Removal?

VPL stands for Variable Pulsed Light. It works in the same way that IPL does by emitting multiple wavelengths of light to target pigment in the hairs and turns to heat which kills the growing cells that make the hair. It is better than IPL though as the variable pulse settings allows increased control of the intensity and length of the waves of light so hairs can be better targeted and all types of hair ranging from very thick to fine can be effectively treated.

Like IPL, hairs can only be targeted at the growing stage of the three stage hair growth cycle so not all hairs can be targeted in a single session and you would need several sessions to target all the hairs.


VPL is an effective way of permanently reducing hair and can be used on all areas of the face and body. More advanced and better than IPL, the flexibility that VPL provides allows individual settings to be tailored according to skin and hair type.


VPL doesn’t work well for people with white, grey, blonde or red hair as well as for very dark skin tones. It can be painful and as with IPL it can result in some redness and swelling after treatments as well as there is a chance of burning, scarring and discoloration although this is less likely compared to IPL due to increased control of the light waves.

VPL treatments are expensive and there are currently no home VPL kits available on the market although there are some good and cost effective IPL home kits available.

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